Do the average dividend-payout ratios for your industry and the market index differ?

. Evaluate your industry in terms of the five factors that determine an industrys intensity ofcompetition. Based on this analysis, what are your expectations about the industrys profitabilityin the short run (1 or 2 years) and the long run (5 to 10 years)?5. Using Standard and Poors Analysts Handbook or another source, plot the latest 10-yearhistory of the operating profit margin for the S&P Industrials Index or another aggregatemarket series versus an industry of your choice. Is there a positive, negative, or zerocorrelation?7. Prepare a table listing the variables that influence the earnings multiplier for your chosenindustry and the market index series for the most recent 10 years.a. Do the average dividend-payout ratios for your industry and the market index differ?How should the dividend payout influence the difference between the multipliers?b. Based on the fundamental factors, would you expect the risk for this industry to differfrom that for the market? In what direction, and why? Calculate the industry betausing monthly data for five years. Based on the fundamental factors and the computedsystematic risk, how does this industrys risk compare to the market? What effect willthis difference in risk have on the industry multiplier relative to the market multiplier?c. Analyze and discuss the different components of growth (retention rate, total assetturnover, total assets/equity, and profit margin) for your chosen industry and a marketindex during the most recent 10 years. Based on this analysis, how would you expectthe growth rate for your industry to compare with the growth rate for the market index?How would this difference in expected growth affect the multiplier?